Main Lines of Business:


Hardware is the basis of any IT infrastructure. Platytec has the necessary resources to provide the hardware foundation for information systems of any complexity.
Proficiency of our engineers, and a close relationship with the hardware manufacturers enable us to carry out projects of all sizes - from the supply of a batch of laptops to building a data center.


Delivery of software has been the main area of activity of Platytec for a long time and is a vital part of our competence today.
We supply software solutions from more than 3,000 manufacturers. Excellent knowledge of volume licensing programs allows us to minimize the costs for our clients. We offer many solutions by subscription with access via the Internet.


Based both on our partners cloud infrastructure and applications and on the offers of the world’s leading vendors, we are ready to build information systems of any complexity in the cloud and integrate them with systems that clients are not ready to migrate to the cloud.
We know where and how cloud to use cloud computing to save on operating costs.


We believe that if information technologies are not the main field of activity of theorganization, it does not make sense to spend corporate resources for implementation, maintenance and modernization of the existing systems. We perfectly navigate the in the IT world, and constantly improve our level of expertise that enables us to handle any task from audit to technical support a complex system.


New Style of Business

There is no avoiding the fact that structured and unstructured data is growing at a phenomenal rate, with the latest statistics suggesting that the volume of data is set to grow by 800% over the next 3 years - reaching a mind-blowing 35 zettabytes by 2020.; And it’s not just about volume either - the variety is growing too, with new sources and devices generating huge amounts of data every second of every day, so that 48% of all information is now created digitally. No surprise then, that controlling and extracting value from data is a major challenge and priority, both for IT and the business as a whole.

To address this challenge, organisations are now transitioning away from their legacy IT infrastructures in order to support a new style of business based around cloud, big data analytics, mobile, social and security.

In fact, the majority of all IT spending is now driven by technologies to support this transformation - enabling organisations to take a more flexible and agile approach within their IT environment, whilst extracting maximum value from business data to support faster decision making and more innovative strategies.

Our Advantages

We are always close to the client

Teams of Platytec experts (technical presale, analysts, and engineers) are always ready, and therefore,
the service becomes more accessible.


Our experience is the best advantage

More than ten years of experience in project work enables us to implement solutions faster and minimize the risks.


Off-the-shelf solutions

Although in general, we practice an individual approach to clients, we are always ready to offer a variety of standard solutions.


Tight integration with the vendor

We have direct agreements with the global software and hardware leaders in the market and our clients will benefit from this close integration.